Rest, It’s Okay.

If all that you are doing is to establish a LIFESTYLE, then taking a week off to take a much needed rest won't do you no harm - you have the rest of your life to pick up where you left off. 


Breakfast Blues

Breakfast! Man, oh man, BREAKFAST!! It's so amazing how many of the people I talk and interact with let me in on their bad habit of missing breakfast. I have never been one of those people that struggle to eat in the morning or late at night - as long as my stomach is open, …

The Detox

  So the past week (or two?) has been a series of poor meal choices. This, for most of us, happens when pressures are high and just want to grab a quick meal. You find yourself getting snowballed by deadline after deadline, then eventually find yourself in a take-away-rut. And what a lovely rut it […]

Going Green

I can't begin to tell you how this journey has changed my life. My first step towards "going green" was about 7 years ago in varsity and I had just quit coffee (I know!) and my then roommate's aunt forgot her mint flavoured green tea. My room mate had no interest in it so, being …